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The Ideal Candidate for this program should be A student, female or male from a developing country who have:

Successfully finished his or her secondary education, with excellent grades and results

Willing to study in his or her country or any other country in the developing world

Plans to work and live in his or her own country on completion of the program

Has vast volunteering experience prior to applying for the WMI scholarship Program or applicant willing to volunteer during the WMI scholarship period

Have some other funds available but needs a scholarship to further his or her education

Who Determines the Award of the WMI Scholarship?

The WMI scholarship awards are primarily determined by the board of directors of the Wells Mountain Initiative which is awarded once a year.

All Applications for the program must be received on or before April 1 of each year to be considered for the following academic year.

All selected applicants for the WMI Scholarship will be duly notified on August 1. Names of applicant’s will also be published on the WMI website and WMI Facebook page.

Unsuccessful applicant’s will also be notified after August.

To Become a Successful Applicant, You Need The Following Tips:

Become an active member of any community service group and record all of your service activities (dates, activities, time spent, photographs, etc.)

Ensure all your documents like your secondary school transcript, national exam results are collected. The keys to interpreting your grades must be indicated

Request your academic institution to provide you with two letters of recommendation from at least two people who know you professionally and personally and can attest to your eligibility for the scholarship

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Get all of your documents translated into English

Completed 2019 applications will start to be accepted on this date.


Application is sought from highly qualified young Africans for the 2019 WMI Scholarship Program: DEADLINE 1 APRIL 2019.

We advised potential applicants to read carefully the instructions and criteria needed before the apply as WMI are quite strict to applicants who defaults their applications processes.

To apply for the Program, the following documents are required for any application to be deemed complete:

A Clear applicant’s personal photo

Two essays NOTE:Topics for essays are clearly stated on application form

The application form for 2019

Personal essay statement

Two letters of recommendation*

An Official transcript of applicant’s grades from secondary school

Official grading key to interpret applicant’s secondary school grades**

Official transcript of grades from applicant’s tertiary studies (if applicable)

Official grading key to interpret applicant’s tertiary grades**

Official results from applicant’s national exam

Official grading key to interpret scores on applicant’s national exam**

A Maximum of 25 Scholarship are awarded every year for the WMI Scholarship Program
Each applicant receives up to USD3,000 Maximum.

Other scholarship support includes (i) Tuition and Fees (ii) Books and Materials (iii) Other Costs

How to Apply?
The time is now! The WMI scholarship program since inception has supported more than 345 students worldwide.

In recent years approximately 5% of applicants to be part of this life changing program is been selected based solely upon limited funding.

There are basically two ways to apply: Online, or by mailing in a completed application packet to our office.