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Seychelles is one of the most beautiful and remote island destinations in the world and it’s still fairly affordable. Are you in America and planning of taking a vacation to the Seychelles? Let us show you how to get to Seychelles from the U.S.!

Airlines: Airline tickets will be your most expensive expense, and there are two main airlines that fly into the Seychelles: Etihad and Emirates. Tickets range from $1300-5000 but can be cheaper if you buy in advance or find a deal. From my personal experience, the cheapest ticket I used on a round trip from the Seychelles to the US and back to Seychelles was $850.

Voted as the best airline in Africa, the Ethiopia Airlines offers direct flights from the United States to the Seychelles.

Check this link to book at Ethiopian Airline:

Flights usually leave in the evening and arrive the following morning, leaving you plenty of time to get acclimated before exploring.

Flying from Seychelles to the United States through Emirate? Book your flight here:

Airport Location: The Seychelles International Airport is located on Mahé island, where all of the tourist activity happens. Air Seychelles provides both air and boat transfers to reach other islands in Seychelles.

Transportation: Taxis and boats are fairly cheap and easy to use in Seychelles. If you want to take a boat, there are Jetties. A jetty goes for $5 per person or $10 for a group, but I’d recommend waiting for other tourists to join you so that you can split bills as individual cruise could be fairly expensive.

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Transportation from Airport: The taxis are plentiful and it’s a smooth process. The charge is $3 per person.

Flights to other Islands: There are two major islands in Seychelles: Mahé, La Digue and Praslin. Most tourists go to Mahé, but there are large expat communities in both Praslin and La Digue that has great vibe. There are a few ways to get to Praslin from Mahé: by boat or speedboat ($62 per person and it takes about 1.5-2 hours), helicopter ($142 per person, 10 minutes), or air Seychelles ($66 per person, 25 minutes).

Where to stay: There are definitely options for every type of traveler in Seychelles. If you want luxury, then staying in my favorite resort, the Fishermans Cove Resort is the way to go. These resorts are gorgeous and worth every penny. If you want to live like a local instead, then there are numerous guesthouses and budget-friendly options.

What to do: The best thing to do in Seychelles is just hang out and relax.

Where and How much money should I spend? The cost of living is significantly lower when compared to other tourist destination around the world. It’s pretty easy to travel in Seychelles on $80 budget a day, but if you really want to splurge, there are lots of amazing resorts and activities that can significant suck up your budget.