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While there are many beautiful places in Africa, the beaches of Cameroon’s lovely Limbe capital are among the most breathtaking. In fact, it is one of my favorite destinations in all of Africa. Explore the secluded black sand beaches, come face to face with graceful gorillas, and marvel at the tropical palm oasis in this spectacular city in south-western Cameroon.

Where is Limbe?
Situated in south-western Cameroon, Limbe is a charming city located in close proximity to foot of the Cameroon mountain, the city of Limbe is located in the South West Province, on the Atlantic Ocean.

Limbe is popular among tourists who enjoy its pristine beaches and rainforests, as well as its diverse wildlife which attracts many friends of the wild. One of Limbe’s most popular tourist attractions is the Nkam River which makes for a picturesque backdrop to the city. This joins with the Makombe River to form the Chutes d’Ekom water fall. While there are no much luxury hotels in Limbe per se, some of the best hotels are situated in the heart of the town.
Note that Limbe is roughly an hour drive from the capital city of Yaoundé and about 2hours, so pack your bags and be ready to experience the beautiful beaches of Cameroon’s most beautiful city.

Luxury Hotels in Limbe Cameroon
Although Limbe does not have a large number of world-class luxury hotels to offer guests, it does have a few luxury hotel chains with properties in the city.

Mwanja Hotel Limbe: Mwanja Hotel offers quality accommodation to those who enjoy staying in intimate safari-palace style lodgings. Mwanja Hotel Limbe is located in limber.

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Fini Hotel Limbe: Fini Hotel is a luxury hotel chain that offers beautiful accommodations in Limbe, including spacious one-bedroom apartments with kitchens. Each apartment also comes with an ocean view balcony offering breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding rainforest.

Splendeur Hotel Limbe: Splendeur Hotel Limbe is a luxurious fantasy-themed resort located by Sonara Road, Ngeme, N3 Limbe. The resort is surrounded by the views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an ideal destination for anyone who wants to experience the lush beauty of Limbe.

Atlantic Beach Hotel: This exclusive hotel in Limbe offers a luxurious experience with 4-star facilities and 5-star service. It’s located in the coastal region of Cameroon, so the best beaches are also nearby. The resort features spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Park Hotel Miramar: This is one of Limbe’s most luxurious resorts that offers beautiful accommodations. There are luxury suites at the Park Hotel Miramar, as well as Single bedroom apartments. Guests enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort also has terra cotta-tiled floors, freshwater swimming pool, and free wi-fi in public areas.

Trinity Hotel Limbe: This is a modern hotel in Limbe with 3-star facilities. It offers beautiful ocean views from the terrace, as well as an outdoor pool. There are also 3-star amenities in the hotel, including free Wi-Fi in public areas, 24-hour front desk service, and free parking.

Musango Beach Hotel Limbe: This is one of Limbe’s top luxury hotels. The hotel’s amenities include an airport shuttle service, airport concierge service, indoor pool, and an outdoor swimming pool. The beautiful hotel is conveniently located very close to the Atlantic Ocean and other tourist attractions.

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